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    Wine Mom – What Now?

    You guys. Let’s talk about wine for a second. I love wine as much as the next mom. More maybe. But this whole “wine mom” thing? It’s gotta stop.   You see, I loved wine before I was a mom. Wine has always been my jam. And yes, after a long hard day (or even a not so long, not so hard day) I sometimes enjoy a beer or a glass of wine (or several). But I did that before I was a mom.   Do I look forward to it? Yea, sometimes. Do I do it nightly? No, I don’t even go to the store often enough for that.…

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    This is me.

    “Hanging out with tiny humans all day, every day, how exhausting!” “Wow, you’re so brave!” “Don’t you go stir crazy?” These are the kinds of things I hear when I tell people I stay home with my kids, as well as watch other people’s kids during the week. Hi, I’m Meghan. Wife, stay at home mom/stepmom of two, and coffee enthusiast. And you know what I have to say to those people? This life IS exhausting sometimes. Motherhood is SO exhausting and challenging and even lonely sometimes. But it’s also SO worth it. Some people bring their kids to daycare (I wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t) – THAT’S…

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